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Where have you been Hope?

Sometimes Hope just crawl (back?) into your life unexpectedly.

It can be a simple quote that makes you realize that you can do whatever the hell you want, that some things are built on hope, that life is worth living fully.

It can be a friend reaching out for help or advice, and the simple fact to be here for this person is enough for her/him to get better. 

It can be someone you wouldn’t have expected coming to talk to you one day, and soon you find yourself waiting for it every day with a stupid smile on your face. 

It can be a simple ray of sunshine piercing through darkness to get your attention. 

It can be the perspective of a few days away from the city, just to enjoy being alive, a good book in your hand, great friends by your side, the beginning of spring calling you to move on. 

Let’s hope together…

– PaperGirl


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