First Tattoo

It’s been a while since I wanted a tattoo, but I didn’t know what, where, when and with who. A friend of mine got one and I love it so much. It’s part of her, something she wants to show everyone everyday. She has something to say with it, even if it’s just to herself because there’s not a lot of people who actually know the true meaning of her tattoo. And I love her meaning. 

After a while, I decided what and where I wanted mine, and this good friend of mine made me discover the perfect guy for it. We made an appointment last January for the beginning of April. That’s right now!

Two days ago, I got my first tattoo!!!! 
I made it in Paris (where I live), at L’Encrerie, and the tattoo artist is MaxLesquatt

Screenshot_2017-04-08-00-45-53 - CopieThe meaning is quite simple but important : it’s a compass so of course it’s to show me direction. It’s kind of a way to never forget what and who I want to be, where I want to go with myself. A way not to forget to make the good choices everyday, like little choices that seems insignificant but define who I am. Sounds silly but I’m often an angry person, or sometimes I don’t consider someone else’s point on view in the right angle, and I don’t want to be that person. It’s so hard to make a change in yourself and to choose to act in a certain way ; this is my reminder of being a better a person.

And it also make me think of nature, cause, well, we use a compass to guide ourselves when lost in a wood right? So it’s like my personal guide.

And the arrow across it it to highlight the direction I want to take, like I’m not lost with my compass, I know what direction to take. I just have to take it. And also because I’ve always loved arrows. and it was to add something and customize it, not having just a compass like 1000 other people.

It didn’t hurt, like at all! I think it’s because the design is so thin, and maybe this is a body part that is not so sensible. It was like someone was drawing on my arm with sharp pencil, over and over and it was a little desensitized and unsettling, but that’s all. I’m so happy! I thought I would cry and be so ridiculous haha 

I don’t encourage anyone to get a tattoo unless you’re very sure of it. It’s still something that will stay all your life (even if I know nowadays you can have it erased). So be semiconscious and smart and sure before you do anything. Also, make sure you find a great tattoo parlor and a great tattoo artist cause you’re playing with your health too. But if you’re sure and you find the right person for it then go for it, cause it’s so great! I’m not a pride person, I’m not confident with myself, but I’m pride of it and of wearing it. 

Anyway, that’s my little daily story.

I hope you’re having a great day.

I know I am.

– PaperGirl 


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