Offending without even realizing…

I don’t understand why some people always contradict and refute and dispute you, on nothing. I understand when it’s about a point of you, if you don’t agree and want to discuss something. But some people just do that all the time. And, in my experience, those people generally never approve anything you do. It doesn’t mean they never approve you, just that they never say it. 

I know. They don’t necessarily say it in a nasty way just to hurt you. I think most of the time it’s not even intentional. But do they realize that, from an external point of view, time after time, it looks like it? It looks like they just always have something to say about what you say, like you’re not ever saying anything right? 

To my experience, those people are the ones that don’t understand you. Again, it’s not (always) intentional and to offend you. And, at the end, it’s just sad because they don’t get  you or whatever you wanted to say, they just see what they understand of it. As if they know best about what you wanted to say. And since this is not exactly the same thing, not exactly what you were saying, they correct you to make you say what they understood/want to. I don’t know, does that make sense?  

I’m so tired of these situations, always having to justify what you say and why you say it. It’s always with the same people and after a while, I just don’t want to really talk to them, to open to them, because it’s exhausting they never get you. It seems like we’re always fighting over tiny little things, and I am tired of it. 

– PaperGirl


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