Shyness & prospecting for a job : not a good match

I’ve been looking for a job for almost 7 months now, so I go wherever I can to try to make contact and find something. I even forced myself to go to job salons and exhibitions. I thought I would leave a lot of CV everywhere and go and let them email me back (please, no calling!)… And I just figured out that, in every job salons and exhibitions, you have to SPEAK to people!!! You can’t just leave your CV there and disappear. Like, there’s no brochures or documentation, if you want to know anything, you have to actually speak to the representatives.

The problem is : I’m so shy and have zero self-confidence (maybe even minus 50!). I can sell you any movie but selling myself and making you love me and want me… Nope. Out. (We’ll talk about my love life another lifetime, okay? Ha!)

This is really awful. Last time I went there (every time to be honest), I came into the room, saw every little group for each company, representatives waiting for people like me, and just froze and walk right back home. I can’t do this. This is already hard enough to pass interviews for a job, but this? It’s like a pre-interview where you have to speak about yourself and actually I don’t even really know what this is about since I’ve never really been there! hahaha Oh my God what will I do? I hate this. I hate myself in those situations. It’s getting in my way and I hate feeling like that. I don’t know what to do!!!!!!!

– PaperGirl


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