Rogue One – A Star Wars Story

I love cinema. I always have. Star Wars was one of the first saga I loved, since I was a little child. Episodes IV, V and VI were my favorites (no kidding!), my first hand-made cosplay was Leia (I was 15 maybe?), I wanted to be a Jedi like Luke and have sarcasm like Han… I only saw Episode III on the big screen, I was really young and I don’t really remember. So when Episode VII was announced, let’s say that I was pretty excited! But then, they announced Rogue One, and THIS was the story I wanted to know. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked The Force Awakens. But Rogue One spoke to me, to the child inside me. For a few years, I consider myself more of a Rebel than a Jedi, so this movie was perfect!

The first time I went to watch Rogue One, I was so exhausted I slept for like 10-15 minutes? It’s a shame, I know, trust me I’ll always blame myself for it haha But the most important part of it is that I slept during all the exposure, so I didn’t totally get the rest of the movie. But since I liked it anyway, I went to see it a second time. And this time…this time… It was love. Really love. 

I loved everything about it! The story, the characters, the costumes and the music… The first time I thought Jyn was the main character and I loved her, but then I understand Cassian’s
character, and again, it was love, I’m telling you! The Easter eggs and all the references were nice, but what I loved about this movie was his independence. 


The movie starts in the middle of something. It changes from all the movies we see with the big long first sequence made for the public to know the characters and the story. Here, we are dived in something that has already began. We follow Jyn Erso whose family is drag away from her. She lost her mother and his father is taking by the Empire to work for them. She hides herself and is eventually found by a family friend, Saw Gerrera. But she grow up to be imprisoned and reject. She has no life, no friends, no purpose. And then one day, she’s rescued by a Rebel squad who wants her to get in touch with Saw Gerrera, who is a extremist rebel who may have information they want. She accepts. 

So, here’s what I like about this : she is not a Rebel by conviction, at first. It’s just convenient because they promise her freedom. But then, she’ll understand what they’re doing, and why, and she becomes part of it and leads them and saves them. She saves the whole galaxy. 

We also have Captain Cassian Andor’s character ; he’s the Rebel who took her to the Rebel HQ. He’s also the one who will do the mission with her. At first, he doesn’t trust her, because she’s a fugitive and most of all she the daughter of a really bad man, who works for the Empire. But after a while, he sees her, and understands that she’s not what he thought. She has a good heart and just want to save her father. To me (I say this because I know it’s not everybody’s opinion), he falls for her little by little.

I love their relation, because at first she doesn’t trust him either, even less when he tries to kill her father. But they both have lived a lot before they met, and their past is haunting them. 

Jyn’s father was building the Death Star, a weapon huge enough to destroy a whole planet in one shot. But in secret he created a loophole to destroy it. He was a good guy after all, he just made his best to protect his family. Cassian and Jyn manage to get the plans to destroy the Death Star but in the same time, the Empire understand their plan and destroy the planet they’re on. In the end, they sacrifice themselves to save everyone. And they end in each other’s harms after saving each other times and times. Jyn has finally found a new family with Cassian and the Rebels, and all their friends from this adventure : Chirrut and Baze, Bodhi the Pilot, and even K-2SO. 

The whole Rogue One team dies.

I cryied.

So much.

At the end of the movie, we see that Leia gets the plans, and this is the prelude for Episode IV, in which the Rebels will destroy the Death Star thanks to those plans.  

I like how this movie is not about the Force and the Jedi, for once, but more about the Rebels and Hope and Forgiveness. Specially in the time we live today. We need Hope and to know that a few can change a lot. “Make 10 men feel like 100” said Cassian. 

Also, to conclude, I have to admit that I also love Cassian because he’s played by Diego Luna, who is so cute and a great actor, and his Mexican accent and smile are really yummy! That’s it, I’ve said it! I mean, I fell in love with his Funko Pop figure before I even saw his real face haha


“Save the Rebellion. Save the Dream.”

– PaperGirl



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