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About 8 month ago, I’ve discovered a new world : BookTube.

I know, I’m late! 

A friend of mine was always talking about new books and I was wondering where did she find all of this books I’ve never heard about?! Then, she initiated me to BookTube. It’s channels on Youtube where people only talk about books : new releases, new readings, new haul, old books they (re)discover…

Let’s say that for a book lover, this world is a little paradise!

 There is a LOT of different type of videos, like :

  • the monthly book haul (which books the channel owner has bought this month)
  • the monthly BTR (book to read)
  • the monthly wrap up (books you actually read)
  • new releases 
  • tag videos (when you have a list of things and you tag a book for every one of them)
  • the book reviews (spoilery or not)
  • and a lot of other book related themes that change all the time…

I personally love the tags videos because I can tag my own books in the same time. And of course the monthly TBR because it helps knowing better the person on the channel, since he already talked about his expectations and now he explain exactly what he loved or not about the book. 

It’s so great to follow those channels because after a while you know the people and you know what they type of book they read and love and why. And then when you read a book and watch a video related to it, it’s like sharing it with a friend. Since all of your friends don’t necessarily read the exact same books as you, it’s always nice to be able to share it with someone. And they can give advises, and you can discover so much! 

For example, I’ve recently read Everythng Everything, by Nicola Yoon, because my fav booktube channel recommanded it. And since it’ll soon be a movie adaptation, I wanted to read it first. I loved it. After my reading, I went to see a video talking about the trailer of the future movie, and I agreed with all the guy was saying, and at a certain time, I was almost speaking in the same time with him! It was really nice. 

I love books but since I’m a regular Booktube watcher, I feel like I share my passion more widely. I don’t necessarily read more, but they help me finding book I know I’ll like, because they explain why they loved them and what did they loved about it. It’s a human opinion, which is always valuable, even more if you know the person’s tastes.  

Here’s my BookTube top 5 : 

For any book lover who is reading this, I need to add a little something about Goodreads. Okay, nothing to do with BookTube, except it’s about books lol 

Goodreads is a great place to index your readings, grade them, make list of what I’ve read and want to read. It helps keeping track of everything in your book life haha This is also a great way to discover a LOT of books. You can find them by author, by genre, and they are graded by the community so it gives you a hint on if they’re really good or really bad. The thing I like with BookTube is that since you know a little bit more about the person’s tastes, you can trust (or not) his recommendations. 

Here’s my account 🙂



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