Beauty and the Beast – Movie

I went through so many feelings waiting for this movie. First I was bewildered when they announced it. Why make it? Then freaking happy when they announced the cast (because I love them all hahaha). Why not make it? Then dreading its release. Afraid of not loving it, since the first Disney version is one of my favorite movie of all time. Then excited. A new version of one of my favorite Disney of all time!! Then jaded. Why make this new movie since the fist one already was perfect? Anyway. Let’s talk about it. 

I finally saw it. And it was fine. I can’t tell that it’s a revolution, because let’s be honest, it’s the perfect copy of the first one. But it’s well played, they all sing so well, the costumes and production design are great, there’s almost nothing wrong with it. It’s nice. And well done enough for me to have chills for the important scenes (the ball scene -obviously- and when Gaston take the whole village with him to go kill the Beast). 

But…cause yes, there’s a ‘but’.

It’s almost too much.

Okay, yes, the casting is really good. Emma Watson is great. She portrays Belle so well I’ jealous, because like Emma, Belle was my favorite Disney female character when I was a child (who am I kidding… She still is!). She sings so well, and it’s nice to see her ‘play’, because sometimes I can’t separate her from Hermione Granger because she always plays the same way. But here I didn’t have any problem, so I guess it’s because she was good. The whole casting is great, really! Luke Evans plays a Gaston so great and handsome that I couldn’t really hate him, and Dan Stevens was great too as the Beast. I could actually recognize him sometimes, in the close ups. And his voice too. Every voice was nice too. I particularly loved Emma Thompson playing Mrs Potts, but I’m biased because she’s so awesome in general. Oh and Ewan McGregor’s French accent was priceless! 

BUT. I really didn’t like Beast’s visual. Te close ups were okay though, because we didn’t see him entirely. I also didn’t really like all the living objects, but since I thought I would hate them, I think it was okay. 

I’ll get more into details in the next part, so keep out if you don’t want to know too much…


I didn’t like Belle’s father ; it’s so sad they didn’t kept the craziness of her father in the original movie. Why did they change it? Does it means that being a little crazy is not okay nowadays? I loved the crazy plump version way more. This one was a little…flat. 

But in the other hand I really like the magic in this new version. It was already here in the first one, because the objects were living but that’s all. It’s more present here, we see more of it, with the wardrobe costumes, the whole “Be Our Guest” scene, and when the living objects become real objects and stop being humanized. 

The added scenes were…well I don’t really know. I would like to say it was useless, since they perfectly copied the first one, why add this? But I could also say that this is a good thing not to stick perfectly to the first version. Anyway, I didn’t like the Paris scene, where we learn how Belle’s mother died, cause it is so far from the first movie, to me it’s not in the original story. It is created something new. And I think you have to decide if you want to make the perfect same one or if you want to change it. I’m okay with both separately, but not mixed like that. This is weird. 

I still don’t really get why they wanted to make the original version a live version though. I accept the idea of it when make a remake add something to it, like with the new visual effects we have today and didn’t have years ago. But here, it doesn’t really add anything. Even by trying to add new scenes, it just looks out of it to me. 

Since I don’t want to conclude on a bad note, because, again, I liked it. People were applauding at the end. I would go that far though. I will say that for a girl who loves Disney and Beauty and the Beast for so long, seeing this new version in real live action is anyhow great, and gives goosebumps anyway. 

And the little references to Harry Potter (like, “I don’t remember what I’ve forgotten” or even better “The Fat Lady is about to sing“) were very appreciable too 😉

Oh and I forgot to talk about LeFou being gay, which a lot of people and countries didn’t like and agree with. Get over it! It’s not even a big deal in the movie, we could almost say that it’s just suggested. It doesn’t really change the character from the original one, so I don’t see why it should be a problem. After all, the whole message of this story isn’t that love is in the inside? We should love whoever we want, whatever the appearance. 

– PaperGirl


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