Welcome Welcome

Hey there!!

You’re reading the first post of this new blog, this new project of mine.

I often want to share thoughts that pass through my mind, books I read and love, movies I watch and that stay with me. But I don’t dare. And I’m tired of not daring. This is ridiculously simple right? So, why not write them down and share them with you? I’m actually unemployed and wondering what I could do, what I could be, how to do anything. Sometimes I’m very inspired and motivated, other times, I just want to disappear in a whole and be forgotten. I need something to keep me…alive, in a way. Don’t think I’m all sad and depressed, no. I’m happy to be alive. I just want to share, to matter in the smaller way possible. Anyway.

Here is a just a free space, hopefully soon full of happy thoughts and crazy experiences. Full of life. 

Let’s do this!

– PaperGirl


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