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’13 Reasons Why’ (Netflix)

So, Netflix just released a new TV series : 13 REASONS WHY.

This is the story of a girl who commit suicide, but before she died, she leave some tapes with her story, with 13 reasons why she did it. Each tape (and each episode) is addressed to one person who hurt her. We follow Clay, a boy who loved her but didn’t really told her. Receiving the tapes change his life.

This is actually the adaptation of Thirteen Reasons Why, by Jay Asher.

Why did I want to write about it ? Because it deals with real important issues, like bullying, gossiping, rape, but also love, friendship and family.

I wasn’t really bullied at school because in France this is not the same thing, but I was part of the “outcast”, and I know a little about it, like I’ve scratch the surface. Only the surface, good for me. But some people, boys and mostly girls, are so bullied at school, they are unhappy, depressed, and even commit suicide because of it. Hannah’s story in 13 Reasons Why is exactly about that. I think it’s important to be aware of this, because this is too often silenced. It’s sad but it’s real. And we need to talk about it.

So, now you will enter the SPOILER FREE section, so I advise you to stop reading right now, and go watch it. It’s really worth it. Go make your own mind about it, then come back =)


So, like I said, we follow the point of view of Clay, a young sweet and introverted boy, who happens to love Hannah, the girl who died.

I was really moved by Clay, cause in the beginning he doesn’t really understand anything that’s happening around him. He doesn’t know why Hannah did what she did, he doesn’t really realize he loved her (at least it’s my opinion). But then, he listen to the tapes, and step by step, tape by tape, the whole story becomes clear. He learns that she’s been betrayed by her best friends, then by her first boyfriend, who didn’t abused her really but let the whole school believe they had sex and she was an easy girl. Then she witnessed something awful and couldn’t do anything about it because she just froze. A lot or other stuff happen to her, I watched the show so quickly that I’m probably forgetting a lot of it, but let’s continue. After that, she looses her parents’ trust because she made a mistake. And, finally, she was rapped by her ex-boyfriend’s best friend. No one was here for her. No one listened to her. She just needed to be heard and taken care of. To know that she was not alone. She was only human.

The only person who could have help was Clay, but he was scared too, and didn’t know and didn’t do what she expected of him at the time. When he understands the whole truth, it kind of destroys him. He feels guilty, even if he couldn’t know back then. Listening to each tape, he does everything he can to make justice for her, by taking revenge on the people who hurt her. But since he was part of it, he can’t forgive himself for not having told her that he loved her. He was only human too.

This show broke my heart in so many ways. Seeing these young people hurt so much, and destroy their lives, this is so hard to watch. But it is true. It is real. This hurts even more.

A lot of other teenagers are involved in the whole story. We also follow every one of the “reasons why” person, and their stories aren’t very more glamorous. One of them also tries to kill himself at the end of the series, and we don’t know if he survives or not. They all hurt, they’re all lost, they were just better at hiding it. Faking it.

We also follow Hannah’s family, who tried to deal with their daughter’s death. This was so, so hard to watch. Her mother trying to know why, slowly understanding. At the end they get the tapes, and they start to listen to them. Thankfully we don’t see when they listen to the one linked to them. But we do see when Hannah’s mother finds her in her bathtub. Oh, yes, I forgot to mention how Hannah died, by slaying her wrists in her bath. This was so horrible to watch.

Being a spectator to the show put us in a weird place, cause we, like Clay, just assist to the whole thing. Hannah’s already dead, we can’t do anything about it except listen to her now, and try to understand. Then, Clay can change things a little. But we can’t. We’re still just watching it. Like we were part of it, but also we weren’t. This is a particular place to be, like a voyeur, a peeping Tom.

This is an awful story. But it’s also beautiful. In a few words, it was great and sad and real.
I strongly recommend.

– PaperGirl

I forgot to mention the soundtrack of this TV series, that I loved! Here is my top 8 :

  • Amused – Hunger
  • Into the black – Chromatics
  • Mess is Mine – Vance Joy (probably my favorite)
  • Same Dark Places – JR JR
  • The Great Longing – Lost Under Heaven
  • The Night We Met – Lord Huron (the dance song, if you watched the show you know what I mean)
  • The Only Boy Awake – Meadows
  • Young & Unafraid – The Moth & The Flame




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